Obstacles ahead…Eeek!

Just a quick preview of my Warrior Dash adventure today.

I was nervous in the beginning…

With good reason…these are my clothes after…

It was a great day!  Stay tuned for a more detailed account, I’m a little worn out tonight…

I survived Warrior Dash 2011…


It’s a Running Month

Ok…if you read my last post, then you know I was pretty discouraged by my lack of progress on my 40X40 list this month.  I am happy to report…I can check something off!!

ALMOST checked off #4~Warrior Dash is happening October 30th!  Got the waterproof camera squared away today so hopefully I’ll have some great pictures to post next week.

CHECKED OFF~#19 for this year

I participated in my first 5k run EVER in April 2010.  It was a new fundraiser put on by a new committee that my sister was helping get established, called NextGen…so the best way I could help support the event was to run in it.  I joined a gym and ran on the treadmill 2-3 times for about 3 weeks before the run.  I was the 46th person to cross the finish line with a time of 33:43.  My goal was to improve my time…and while the event got delayed until October 2011~it still happened and I was the 36th person to come in with a time of 32:56.  I improved and that was my goal~~Accomplished!

NOW~the reality of what I initially felt about how I did was completely different.  I was disappointed that I didn’t reach my “secret” goal of completing this extremely hilly but beautiful sunset run in under 32 minutes.  In 18 months; with a year of Bootcamp under my belt and getting first place in my age group for my last 2 runs (I’ll get to those in a second), I thought I’d do better then I did.  Goal for next year~Focus and Run the best I can~no excuses!  Next year I’ll continue to improve my time on the NextGen Twilight 5k!…I’ll make it under 32 minutes…just watch me!

OH…the other two races I mentioned:

Kenwood Footrace 2k was July 4th and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was first in my age group and I had improved my time by 3 minutes.

I did the The Carousel Fund Run on October 9th, for the first time.  This run has fallen on the same weekend as The Relay for Life event that I do in honor of my Mom and in memory of my Dad.  But this year the run was 3 weeks later then usual and I was able to participate.  Flat and Fast!  That’s what my friend told me about this race, and it was.  I finished this 5k in 26:54…my best time EVER!  It wasn’t until a week later that I found out I was first in my age group for this run too!  I was very excited.

AND for future races…like the Warrior Dash coming up in 4 days, I will focus and persevere!  I’ll be happy at the end of the race knowing that I did my best.

CHECKED OFF~#25 for October

I shopped locally…well, kind of.  I was in Colusa, helping my husband get our trailer set up for duck hunting season…oh, and it was our 11-year Anniversary, so we HAD to be together that Saturday. (hee hee~ok, I followed him around all day)  We stopped at Barb’s Produce Stand and bought some wonderful fresh fruit.

The woman who helped us (Maybe it was Barb?) was so pleasant and informative about all the varieties of fruit.  I will definitely return to this local Colusa gem anytime I’m in the area.

PROGRESS on #14~~Stay posted…this deserves it’s own post!

I started writing on this and found it was over 1/2 this entry…so to give justice to passion, I’m giving #14 a post all it’s own.


I’ve been so busy this month with so many things that I haven’t been able to get out to any parks or do any baking (very sad face with frown).  I’ve been slowly reading Emma by Jane Austen and end up falling asleep after a few pages.  I decided that I’d buy/load as many of the books as I could onto my Kindle.  After looking up many of the books and realizing that it’d be quite the investment to buy all 40 of them, I knew I had to figure out something else.  Borrowing maybe?…but then there’s the obligation to get through the book quickly to return it.  What if I lose it?  I’m then stuck buying a replacement.  Here’s a random thought~go to the library!  I have the great luck of living and working in different towns that both have large libraries.  Within Sonoma County there are more libraries then I knew about…how did I not know this?…yeah, logically every City has one.

I haven’t had a library card since…at least Junior High.  Tomorrow I’m going to get a new library card and then I can set up an online account and reserve books.  I can add every title to my “wish list” and check status of when they are available.  All of this…for FREE!  OK~if I return it late or lose it…that costs, but you can even renew/extend online.  This is fantastic for me.

Before the end of this month, I’ll have a new library card and an online “wish list” that is close to 40 books long!  I even plan to check out a couple books and bust through reading them in my free time next week.


I think of a random act of kindness as something I don’t usually do or want to do…but I do it–to make another person have an easier day.  But how significant does the act of kindness have to be to count?

Does letting someone pull out in front of you count?  After you’ve watched 5 other cars ignore them.

Does it have to involve money?  Paying the toll for the person behind you…giving money to a homeless person.

Does extra effort and/or time for your friends/families goals count?  Shouldn’t that effort just be included in being friends/family?

Ultimately, I know it’s my perception of what I think counts, but what do YOU think constitutes a Random Act of Kindness?

Be Your Adventure!!

September First…the beginning

Today is September 1st!  The beginning of a 28 month adventure!

Today is the true start to my adventure.  I did get started on a few things on “The List” in August.  My true intention was to save a few posts so around the holidays if I got too busy I’d still post regularly.

But I can’t keep it all in…I’m too excited and scared at the same time.

So here’s a quick status update on my 40X40:

#1  I’ve visited 2 parks.  You can check out my earlier post about Fort Ross and Sonoma Coast.  This adventure has inspired me to learn to make jam…

#4  I registered yesterday for Warrior Dash on October 30, 2011.  All I can say is “YIKERS!”  Luckily I won’t have to do this on my own, there’s some great ladies going and it’s gonna be fabulous!

#7  2 out of 112 recipes completed.  I’m hoping to put down about 5 recipes this coming long holiday weekend.  Who wants cookies and cakes?!?

#12  I’ve discussed the garden with my husband and this one may take the entire 28 months!

#25  I bought strawberries and blackberries at a local fruit stand.  It’s at the corner of East Railroad Avenue and Petaluma Hill Road in Petaluma.  The half flat of strawberries was $11 and the 2 baskets of blackberries were $2 each.

#27  I went through my cookbooks and have picked out the top 20 that I want to make recipes from.  I’m leaving 5 spots open for the cookbooks I’m positive I’ll be purchasing in the next 28 months.

#28  Well, this blog thing is on Day One…and not so bad.  If anyone is reading this…Whoop! Whoop!

#33  I have downloaded…uploaded?…ok, whatever…I PUT 7 books from the list onto my Kindle and have started reading Emma by Jane Austen.

#36  I think about this one a lot.  Not sure how to start, so again, I’m waiting for a “sign” to send me in the right direction.

While I’ve thought about many, if not all, of the items on the list, this is what I’ve got for now.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please leave comments, advice, suggestions.  Remember to love yourself and be the adventure!