Just a simple girl trying to make a go of it.

My passions and interests are wide and varied and I’m hoping that by starting my 40X40 I’ll focus on life and not just run wildly through it.

I live in California…in the best area called Sonoma County.  I’m a country girl that eats eggs from our chickens, eats lamb raised in my field, and veggies from our garden (although we skipped this year).  I love going to the local Farmer’s Markets and I’m working on purchasing a majority of our food locally.  Old habits of shopping at Costco die hard.  I love baking and even *almost* finished my Baking & Pastry Chef certification. (Having health insurance trumps the certification)  The last class that requires 25 hours per week will have to wait…maybe for my 45 by 45!  I’m a numbers kinda girl…playing the parts of Controller and Accounting Manager for years…so everything will have a number or progress percentage…sorry just can’t help it!

I’m married to a wonderful man who hunts and fishes.  What does he hunt? You name it and he’s either hunted it or would like to.  Nothing is wasted from his adventures.  I never thought I’d know the names of the different camo patterns…let alone own any myself.  Crazy how life is.

We both appreciate the interests of each other and try to enjoy them too.  He loves my baking and I think real camo (not urban camo bought at Macy’s) makes a girl look tough.  He tolerates my whimsical choice of hobby for that month…while I tolerate his hunting and fishing zones and seasons.

We both love camping (ok, I’m busted…I camp in a travel trailer)…he can get up at 5am and hunt ducks in the rain and wind…while I grind coffee beans and do a little yoga while the coffee brews.  Camping is great!

This blog is about my 40 things to do by the time I turn 40 years old.  Mostly inspired by my husband who turned 40 and realized there were so many things he still wants to do but hadn’t made time for yet…so it got me thinking that I needed to do the same….but before I’m 40.  Things that I’ve known I wanted to try or do but either never voiced it or never made time for it.  I’m sure a couple of the items will change/morph into tangent items but I’ll roll with it.

I hope you enjoy the blog…getting to know me…or getting to know me better.  I’m pretty reserved in my real life until I get to know you…I promise I’m not a total snob!…just a little snobby because I won’t sleep on the ground…Sorry!

I love my friends and family…I appreciate the support and encouragement I received to do this blog and the companionship I get on my 40X40 list.  The best memories are being made!  Thank you!

Now…get out there…

Be your own adventure!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. grizzlie@cot.net
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 13:54:35

    Love reading your blog! Your the bomb girl! you will make your goals as your very determined which is awesome! wish I had been in my pre 40 years! Love ya


  2. Amy
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 16:57:09

    Love this! You have been so inspiring to me! Thanks for all the encouragement you have given me to try new things! You go girl! And if you need a companion on any of your adventures (except bungee jumping) give me a call!

    Love ya,


    • Bowl of Butter
      Sep 25, 2011 @ 16:26:58

      Ha ha…I’m sure I’ll be calling you for some of the adventures…especially with duck season right around the corner. Thanks for being such a wonderful host for us this season…we had a great time.
      Make your list.!!


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