I did not rest on the seventh day…

A rest day was set up from the very beginning. Since I “rested” for the first six days, I figured it was fine to actually put in some work on this seventh day of June.

Yesterday was today and now tomorrow is today…and I had three things to do!

1. Go to the gym and work on my cardio.

2. Register for my first 10k

3. Get a jump start on my day…NO Snooze button…multiple times…ok, like 10. None of that!

I’m SOOOO happy to say that I can check off all three things! I almost snoozed…and missed the gym…but I’m proud to say that the pressure of meeting my friend Dawn at the gym was really all I needed. It’s harder for me to let others down and extremely easy to let myself down when it comes to fitness and eating healthy.

#1 ~ The first 1.5 miles was hellacious (not sure that’s a word…and neither does spellcheck…but you get my meaning). Did a warm up and then figured I should start out doing a 5k and see where my time falls. *sigh* I’ve got my work cut out for me the next 3 weeks to get ready for the Kenwood Footrace on July 4th. Today my 5k time was 38:22…let’s hope I can improve a bit.

#2 ~ I registered myself and my nephew for the Kenwood Footrace and my very first 10k. I’m hoping for some encouragement and inspiration from my nephew to help me make it through the hilly course. Maybe it was the endorphins that were released this morning…but I also signed up for the Warrior Dash NorCal in October….plenty of time to build some upper body strength to climb over those dang walls.

#3 ~ I only snoozed ONCE! The text from my friend Dawn certainly helped too! My usual mornings are rushed with random household duties and errands…and inevitably me leaving without my lunch. Today I made it to the gym, got ready for work, switched laundry over, brought my lunch, made coffee at home, did an errand for the hubby, and actually dried my hair at home (instead of in the car from the A/C vents…yes! I really do that).

Tomorrow is a new day to look forward to!

Tomorrow I will do three things:

1. Go to the gym and work on my cardio.

2. Drink water. I’ll start off with getting in 24 oz.

3. Get a jump start on my day and my weekend!

What are your goals for tomorrow and this weekend??


Six days late

LOL…and not the way most of you are thinking!

My return to health and fitness was suppose to start on June 1st…no excuses. Obviously that didn’t happen…no excuses, I’ve just been procrastinating.

As a spreadsheet and calendar geek, I’ve been having a hard time “scheduling” in the grocery shopping, gym time, running, and healthy behaviors. I’m stuck in my rigid rut and I’ve built up the sides so that it’s extremely hard to climb out. Especially since I haven’t been working out and my arms have gone to flab now…just no upper body strength.

What does everyone else do to get out of your rut?!?

I was reminded today that I don’t have to have EVERYTHING planned out for months at a time. Not even a week (gasp), that I should worry about preparing for tomorrow…ONLY!

So here we go…TOMORROW~

  • I will go to the gym and start working on my cardio. (Allergies~I’m going KungFu netty pot, nasal spray, allergy tablet, and inhaler on you~BAM)
  • I will register for my first 10k and run it on July 4th.
  • When I wake up at 5am~I’ll stay awake and get a jump start on the day.

In my brain I am very motivated and somehow it’s having trouble translating to my physical being. I know sleep deprivation has been an issue (mosquitoes in the house, coughing from cold & allergies, midnight lamb feedings), but some of the problems have been resolved or are being dealt with proactively now.

What keeps you motivated? Help a girl out!