First quarter of 2012 can suck it!

Back in December I was REALLY optimistic about the upcoming year.  I had so many great things lined up to be excited about.  I even made it through most of January with the optimism and happy events.

I’m not sure what happened but February and March came around and were filled with heartache, sadness, disappointment, and sorrow.  Yup, two months of feeling like running away or crawling and hiding under the covers in bed.  It was life giving me the wake up call…to appreciate life daily and to have faith.

I won’t go into all situations that made the beginning of the year suck, but I will say that after putting real life on hold (pretty much against my will), April has given new light for the rest of 2012.  Maybe it was the spirit of Easter and time of starting fresh with a clean slate, but I’m reconstructing 2012 to be awesome!

I’m busy~all the time.  In 24 hours, I’ll leave myself 6 hours to get 8 hours of sleep, while the remaining 18 hours get filled with activities that I leave no time for even the slightest traffic…or time to eat healthy.

Moving forward in 2012, I’ve realized that I need to slow down and actually stop to smell the flowers that I rushed to plant.

This Blog has caused me some anxiety because I wanted to keep new material posted and show the progress on my 40×40 list.  I realized in February that I wasn’t making much progress on my list and what did I have to write about was negative or sad so I took a hiatus from posting publicly.

I’m in the process of totally revamping my 40×40 list and all the corresponding lists…books to read, items to bake, parks to visit.  Moving forward, the lists won’t be my life but things that happen while I’m living life.

Starting May 1st I’ll be posting once a week with updates on the revamp and sharing my progress and set backs!

Much love to those who have helped me endure the first quarter!  I’m VERY excited for the rest of 2012 to be fabulous.


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