Obligations of October

It’s October, what?!?…Wait, are you sure?!?…Where did this week go?…actually, where did this month go?!?

Last night I realized I was so far behind on my monthly goals.  I couldn’t believe it.<head shaking>  I’m usually a good planner with all my lists to check off and follow.  What could have possibly happened that I couldn’t check off a single item from my 40X40 list or the peripheral lists?

I pulled out my calendar and took a look to see what was dominating my time this month…oh gosh, I know what’s going on…I’ve been feeling like crap!  I had ovarian cysts and endometriosis removed in January of 2010.  Seems they got the wrong impression~they weren’t welcome to return.  Kicked out for life…but both are back and hanging in strong.  The last 3 weeks have been filled with 5 visits to Kaiser and an additional outside appointment for a 2nd opinion.  In between the visits have been at least a couple dozen emails and calls; for records, following up on tests, asking questions, and eventually scheduling another surgery. Phew!  Can we please be done now?!?

While I’ve been uncomfortable and physically exhausted, I’ve been trying to be mentally strong and push the body to keep healthy.  This month I have 10 indoor soccer games scheduled, which I’m making it to 8 ½ of the games.  I have three 5k races I’m registered for—one down and two to go.  I’m trying to make it to 5:30am bootcamp at least 3 mornings a week, but this is proving difficult because I’m the most uncomfortable late at night, thus causing me not to sleep good, so I’m exhausted in the morning.

Then there’s actual fun stuff happening this month…6 birthdays, my 11 year Anniversary, opening of duck hunting, a wrap up meeting, an orientation meeting, a fundraiser, a gold party, and a Willow House home party.  Oh, also a dentist appointment but that doesn’t fall under fun…in anyway!  It’s a busy month!

While I haven’t completed anything on my lists YET, I’ve been taking care of a lot of “other” stuff this month.  So that I don’t overwhelm myself, I decided to push off many of the items that I try to keep up with monthly~sorry recipes, parks, and books.  I’ll catch up during the next few months…that’s my plan.

After my long complicated excuse for my lack of progress…here is where I’m at on some of the 40X40 items.

Item #4  Do Warrior Dash~I’m registered and doing it on October 30th.

Ok~guess I’ll be able to check this one off this month, barely!

Item #7  Make every recipe in the Grand Central cookbook~I’ve got 2 recipes ready to be baked this evening…if I have enough time!

Item #9  Learn to fuse glass~bought a Living Social deal that expires in March, so this will happen soon.

Item #13  Go duck hunting once~Well, season opens this weekend so I’ll be checking this off in the next couple of months.  As soon as I buy that duck stamp…I better get on that!

Item #17  Do 8 classes of Hot Yoga~I bought a Groupon that expires in January…I’ll be starting this very soon!!

Item #19  Improve my 5k mile pace~I’m basing this on the NextGen Twilight run and the 2nd Annual is tomorrow (10/21/11).  Hoping I can improve from my time last year of 33:43!  OH…a second item to check off this month!!  Yeah!!

Item #25  Shop at local produce stand or Farmer’s market~I bought some beautiful fruit from Barb’s Fruit Stand while I was in Colusa last weekend.  Drove right by all the fruit trees and to the storage barn and picked out my fruit and was on my way.  CHECK!!

Item #28  Start a blog and maintain it weekly for 3 months~Ok, I’ve been doing this and this blog makes it for me this week…Phew!!  CHECK!!

Item #30  Take a 8 class session of dancing~Bought a groupon for this too!  Expires in March so this will be another item happening soon.

AND…that’s my progress for October.  Not what I’d like it to be, but progress is progress!!


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  1. frillyfabulous
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 18:19:44

    Oh my goodness, I cannot believe October is nearly over either!! I’ve been dying to try hot yoga!


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