Wish List Baking

While working on my 40×40 list Items #7 and #27, I became aware that I had a list (of course) of some basic items that I wanted to make again and master them.

I’ve made a variation of each of the items. Some with great success and some with mediocre results. I’m looking forward to mastering these fabulous items.

~Creme’ Anglaise



~Caramel Sauce

~Candied peel (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit)

~Candied Nuts (any kind)

~Brown Butter

~Chocolate Bread Pudding

~Candied fruit (Cherries)

~Something with Mexican Chocolate

~Anything with Lavender in it! (I’ve done ice cream…maybe next is a cake or cupcakes)

~Black Forest Cupcakes

~Whoopie Pie

~Bavarian Cream

~Pain Perdu

~Creme Brulee’

~Parisian Macarons

~Tiramisu with all elements from scratch


~Croquembouche (ok, I haven’t made this one but I really want to)

And…anything coffee flavored! That’s it for now!


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