Sneak Peak of what you have to look forward to….

OK…Last weekend was a fun and crazy time.  Many things are going on around here that all deserve the best of my baking abilities.

We had a fancy BBQ to attend~~My husband is cooking up a couple of legs of lamb, a 17 lb. Prime Rib, and Shrimp skewers.  He also enlisted me to make a few desserts.  I was so hesitant…ha ha, that I jumped up and grabbed my 5 favorite cookbooks for him to choose recipes from.  Is four desserts too many?!

We also had my Mother-in-law returning home from the hospital after having a serious surgery.  This, of course, deserved a special dessert for her.  The hardest part~~deciding which dessert deserves the honor!

Then there is the birthday of one of my closest friends.  I’ll call her…Dawn, for the purpose of this post.  Dawn is a fantastic baker and I felt the pressure to make the perfect dessert.

I’ve thankfully remembered to take pictures of everything, but here’s the list of baked goodness that I’ll be posting about through the next week:

40×40 List, Item #7

Cherry Clafouti from the Grand Central Baking

Raspberry Crumble Tart from the Grand Central Baking (ok~I made this twice in the last 2 weeks~it might be yummy)

Blackberry Crumble Tart~modified from the Raspberry above.

40×40 List, Item #27

I added my Culinary recipe binder from the Pastry Chef program at the Santa Rosa Junior College to my cookbook list…

Chocolate Flourless cake

Coffee & Chocolate Flourless cake

Mixed Berry Tart with Vanilla pastry cream, Sablee’ crust with a thin layer of dark chocolate painted on.


40×40 List, Item#2

The decision has been made and 2012 dates are tentatively picked out.  Yikes!  But I can’t quite share which Country yet…you’ll have to patiently await my post…ha ha.

As for the entire list…I’ll be planning out my month of October and I’ll post an update of the progress.

OH…and I also have something fantastic to share…I sponsored someone and I’ll be sharing those details soon too!!

Busy week…Remember to Breath…Inspire yourself!


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