Ragle Ranch Regional Park

Ragle Ranch Regional Park

Progress:  #4 of 40 Parks

Yup…10% done.  I’m an accounting geek so everything is some kind of number to me.

Parking fee is $5.00.  There was parking along the street outside the park for free; however, there are 6 soccer fields, multiple playgrounds, Tennis courts, and Ball fields.  The parents all seem to park along the street because of the fee to park.

This is a very awesome park.  I didn’t explore the group picnic areas or the playgrounds but they looked great from afar.  I went straight to the trail head to get my hike on.

I was accompanied by my friend and her two star soccer players.  They had just finished their soccer games so I met them there and we headed out on the Blackberry Trail.

The Blackberry Trail is a very accurate name for the trail.  At times we were surrounded by berry bushes.

Sometimes it was like a tunnel and then a few steps later, so open and light.  The entire time we could hear the sounds of nature; birds chirping, trickling water, or just our feet on the trail.

A couple of times we ran into other people on the trail and me…being how I am…had a map of the park and trails in my bag.  This was good news to a couple of ladies who couldn’t seem to find their way out.  I downloaded the map from the Sonoma County Regional Parks website.

We even came across a friendly caterpillar that was inching along the trail.  The kids got to pet the little fella before we kept tromping along.

Soon we turned off onto the Thistle Trail…also adequately named.

This trail was more open and eventually led us back to the Peace Garden.

The Peace Garden was a great place to end the hike.  It was such an interesting stop…with a water sculpture, different varieties of lavender bushes, and a hammered copper covered bench.  A great end to a great adventure!


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