Raspberries are my friend

Jams temperamental?—Who knew? Per usual, when I have another new hobby I geek on it. I try to make sure that even the first effort has little chance of not working. I read and research, buy books, and purchase the right equipment. My first batch of Strawberry Jam—I’m still sad about it, but I truly thank my friends and family for being so supportive and eating it…Ok, they tell me they are but I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t. It just wasn’t pretty.

I decided that I’d use only one source for the next batch…ha ha…there’s a thought. I was so concerned with the canning process that I rushed through the cooking/preparation of the Strawberries…but enough about the epic fail…onto the Raspberry!!

I decided to go back to the old school method that I remembered as a kid. No store bought pectin or “fast” high yield processing. Just fruit, sugar and a touch of lemon juice and I cook the crap out of it.

This second attempt at jam I used a recipe from The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves: 200 Classic and Contemporary Recipes Showcasing the Fabulous Flavors of Fresh Fruits, by Linda Ziedrich.

(I added this cookbook to my list of books I must make 3 recipes from each by January 2014)


Guess what? Yes, Oh Yes! It worked and it’s beautiful and it tasted good!

The Raspberries are a delicate berry so I thought they’d prove to be more difficult then the Strawberry. Again, I was wrong! I was very excited it worked and now I can’t wait to try another batch of jam. I’ll return to the Strawberry soon…to make up for the 12 jars of ugliness from batch one.

The Raspberries only yielded 5 jars of jam…so besides the 1 jar in my fridge, the other 4 are already gifted away and I’m getting requests for more. Yippee!! More “Good” jam coming soon!

What’s the next flavor of jam?…I saw the sign while returning from Ragle Ranch Park today…a virtual and literal sign…

BUT…I also hiked on The Blackberry Trail at Ragle Ranch…the SAME day! Oh! The choices! Guess I’ll have to do both!

Coming soon! To somewhere near you…Giddy UP! It’s Jam Time.


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