Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

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I really tried to prepare myself for this recipe and any others that would have this creamy/chunky paste in it. Yup, I’m not over it….

I kept my fingers crossed that my friend Amy would be willing to help me. Okey, Okey, I was hoping she’d just make them so I wouldn’t have to. I communicated via text, email, facebook, you know, how good friends do…ha ha, and she agreed to help me.

I shudder at being near this stuff so much that I walk along the furthest side of the aisle in the grocery store when I have to pass it. I now had to buy some and touch the jar it’s in…I kept thinking that my hand is millimeters from it…Thank you plastic manufacturers for your good work. None got on me. Phew!

Oh yes, the cookies! I asked Amy if she’d do the honors of measuring the peanut butter and maybe doing some of the mixing after it’s added…oh, and maybe putting the cookies on the cookie sheet after. She graciously offered to make the entire batch…and looking at the recipe, the peanut butter is added in Step 2! Ha Ha! “Thank You!!” I exclaim and proceed to sit across the counter and relax while she goes to work.

She even did the criss crossy thing with the fork that has always indicated “Do Not Eat” to me. You know, if you turn that cookie with the criss cross a little left or right…that criss cross turns into an X—like on the Family Feud. For others, it’s their favorite looking and tasting cookie…and these cookies got raves. Everyone—well, almost everyone thought they were great. It was great to know that I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t eating these cookies…our friends’ 5 year old son; he didn’t eat them. We gave each other a high five and just figured everyone else is crazy for liking that stuff.

Again, LOVE this cookbook and if you know someone who won’t gag and get sick from the smell and/or taste of peanut butter…this is a great recipe for them.

Grand Central Baking Cookbook


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