For the great dislike of Peanut Butter

<shiver> this post is about peanut butter <gag>

I was doing my shopping list to buy the necessary ingredients for my weekend of baking out of the Grand Central Baking Book.  I realized that the request for Peanut Butter cookies had been voiced and while I’ve avoided baking anything with that food that looks like poop, it was now time! <double shiver and grimace>

A friend suggested that I try Almond Butter from Trader Joe’s.  Natural and a different taste then just plain peanuts.  I bought some and mixed in the oil. <gag, gag. gag>  Did a quick 10 minute pep talk to myself about how it won’t kill me.

Finally, I take a little taste and to my surprise…it wasn’t the taste that almost made me throw up…it’s the smell, the texture, and even the sight of it, just doesn’t agree with my entire being.  It tasted like almonds after being chewed up for 5 minutes but the rest of it…No, Thank you!

The effort has been made and now documented.

I will make those Peanut Butter cookies…just beware, I didn’t taste test the dough or the final product before begging you to take them off my hands.

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