TAKE 2 on Fort Ross and Sonoma Coast

I visited two State Parks and as I was sitting and writing the first time, I realized it would be a good review for a tour book but as far as personality…well, it lacked showing any of mine.

I went searching for advice…you know…from “friends”.  So I googled it and read some blogs from other people and came across some great advice…one of which was from The Pioneer Woman, who has a very successful blog and is starting a TV show.

Without much more explanation…because you have no clue that I struggled for a week to type this…unless I tell you…so there it is.  Here is what I discovered when I visited two State Parks.

Random things from this trip:

  1. A dog on the roof of a house in Bodega Bay.
  2. Older gentleman in a speedo giving himself a shower out of a yellow detergent bottle filled with water.
  3. A Prius…ok, they aren’t random but the fact that it was PASSING another car was random because it was an uphill grade.  I found myself cheering it on, “You can dewwww it”. (In the voice of Rob Snider from Water Boy)

I discovered that I talk to myself…a lot!  Most of the time it was “Oh, that’s a good shot” when taking pictures.  But there were a couple of times when I didn’t realize there were people “right there” when I’m chatting with myself.

I decided to hit the Coastal area because I was staying in our travel trailer with my hubby at his “Deer Camp”.  This happens to be a hay field on our close friend’s ranch in Bodega.  (Thank You, Thank You to our Camp Hosts again and again)

Sonoma Coast State Park

I headed out Bodega Hwy. (Hwy 1) towards Bodega Bay and soon discovered this State Park is a whole series of beaches and campgrounds—16 miles of it…all along the Coast.  I’ve gone to many of these beaches through the years so I decided to stop at a couple I couldn’t remember visiting before and took some pictures.  While reading the brochure (which you can download and print for free from the State Parks website),  it had a section about other parks nearby…so I figured I’d head to Fort Ross State Historic Park that’s about 12 miles north.

The road is twisty and Prius’ need encouragement along the way, but it was a beautiful warm day but still slightly overcast.  I cranked the music up and made it up to Fort Ross in about 35 minutes.

Fort Ross State Historic Park

While this Park wasn’t originally on my list, I’m working on being “flexible” and have taken the view that as long as I make it to 40 parks, it just doesn’t matter which 40.

After arriving, paying $8 to enter, and walking through the Visitor Center, I was actually very excited to take the short walk to the Fort and check it out.  I majored in history (finally graduated from college at 35) so it was all very fascinating for me. 

This Fort was originally founded and run by Russians until it was sold to John Sutter in 1841, it changed owners a few times until it was sold to George W. Call in 1873.  The Calls owned the ranch property until 1973.  Pieces of the now 3,386 acre park were purchased by the State of California beginning in 1903.

While I like to imagine the life of Mrs. Call in her sweet white house and having the stunning view of the ocean.  What I can’t imagine is having to walk up ANY of the open stairways.  I have a phobia of tripping or falling through the open stairs that I literally hold my breath the whole ascent or descent.   While chanting to myself, “You can make it, just don’t trip”, I got a raised eyebrow from a lady who was pulling her daughter a little closer to her…and a little further away from me.

Fort Ross also provided a couple of “signs” that I needed.  Yes, this sounds strange but when I research making a purchase, like my car or if I should buy a kayak or not, I look for signs of what I should do.  When trying to decide between buying a Jeep Commando and a Chevy Tahoe, I attended a conference and it was held in the “Tahoe Room”.  Hence, the sign I was looking for…figuratively and quite literally this time.  I’ve wanted to buy a kayak, but I’m having reservations about the time/effort/dollars spent aspect.  This visit to Fort Ross had historic kayaks in the Visitor Center and one of the coves below the Fort had a bunch to people kayaking.  Am I wrong to take it as a sign that I need to purchase a kayak?

The second “sign” was more of an inspiration.  I was thinking about what Mrs. Call had to do to make meals and that they must’ve grown all their food.  This led my thoughts to canning and preserving, which led my mind to memories of making jam with my mom, which led me to think that homemade jam would make great Christmas gifts.  I’ve done some research…which means I “googled” it.  I found a great website that gives great instruction on The Principles of Home Canning.  Yup, this is definitely a new area for me to obsess over for a few months.

In Summary:

Be flexible—you never know where the adventure will take you.

Smile a lot—people will either smile back or think you’re crazy.

Inspiration can come from the darndest places.


What I’m dying to try…


Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss
All Natural Coffee Creamer

Got me a coupon and I’m gonna try it!

Welcome to my first BLOG

I’m starting on this journey…and I’m not sure where I’ll end up but I like what I’ll be doing in between.  I was inspired by a close friend who has “A List” and decided to do my own list…40 things to do before I’m 40.

And here’s why:

I’ve been feverishly searching for something and not knowing what I’m searching for.

After having surgery to remove severe endometriosis, I figured I didn’t have any excuses for my lack of fitness.

So if I improve my fitness and focused on a healthy lifestyle by eating better that would be enough.  Wrong!

Tried doing stuff outside my comfort zone…indoor soccer, swimming under water with  my eyes open, not swearing, and looking for the positive side.  All great stuff but somehow not totally satisfying.

So after a rather crappy (btw-crappy isn’t a swear word) week and realizing that I can’t have control ALL the time…I need to focus on having a happy life!  The parts that make me feel sad or depressed…well, I’ll work on those parts with support and a new faith.

This journey will start September 1, 2011 and will come to a fabulous finish in January of 2014.

This blog is Item #28 and I hope to document my progress along with the trials and tribulations…and also a lot of great stories and pictures along the way.

I’ve recruited 2 people who are extremely close to me to help me on my journey…and they are both “all about it!”

I hope you enjoy this adventure that I’m making and look forward to sharing the excitement!