It’s my birthday next week…

It’s my birthday next week and I always start my New Year’s resolutions after I celebrate. Every year I have 9 days to reflect on the prior year and think about what I want to accomplish moving forward into the new year.

As I sit and reflect on 2012, I keep reminding myself of the saying “If you don’t having something good to say, don’t say anything at all”. With that in mind, I’ll remain almost silent on 2012. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas! I would like to express my love and gratitude to the people that stood by me and helped me through the most disappointing and dark year of 2012. I will forever be indebted for the support and love you gave me.

So, birthday is next week (still) and I’m no where close to half way on my 40×40 list. I don’t think I even looked at the list for a span of 7 months last year. What’s a girl to do?…I guess I should get my butt moving!

As far as resolutions go, I decided to have monthly goals instead of a couple of resolutions. I feel like I’ll accomplish more and form better long term habits.

January goals:
Stop wasting food–I’ve been around some hardworking people that have had hours cut and/or been laid off that are struggling to feed their families. Many were relying on food banks for a turkey or ham for their holiday dinner. It made me very thankful and also made me realize how much food gets wasted when you’re not worrying about where your next meal is coming from.

Return to healthy and clean eating habits–I cut out almost all processed foods and was making a majority of our meals from scratch. I used the excuse of the holidays to slip away from the good habits I’d formed. We ate out more in 6 weeks then we did the previous 6 months! That’s just craziness.

Eat at the Kitchen table! No phones, IPads , TVs! Interact without technology and enjoy a meal together.

Seek a solution for certain situations, instead of just complaining. I’m not one for confrontation or addressing situations that might upset another but some situations can’t continue and need to be discussed, no matter how uncomfortable, and resolved. First situation=Living room clean up!

Have a yard sale! I have to realize it’s ok not to keep every trinkety item I’ve ever been given. Past hobbies are the past and the tools/supplies need to be purged. I’m going to try the “haven’t touched or used it in a year then get rid of it” approach…guess we’ll see how that goes.

I think that’ll be a huge handful for January but I’m excited for the results of the changes that will be happening. I’ll need to re-visit my 40×40 list…again! Think I’ll save that for February!

Happy New Years and cheers for a wonderful 2013!


I did not rest on the seventh day…

A rest day was set up from the very beginning. Since I “rested” for the first six days, I figured it was fine to actually put in some work on this seventh day of June.

Yesterday was today and now tomorrow is today…and I had three things to do!

1. Go to the gym and work on my cardio.

2. Register for my first 10k

3. Get a jump start on my day…NO Snooze button…multiple times…ok, like 10. None of that!

I’m SOOOO happy to say that I can check off all three things! I almost snoozed…and missed the gym…but I’m proud to say that the pressure of meeting my friend Dawn at the gym was really all I needed. It’s harder for me to let others down and extremely easy to let myself down when it comes to fitness and eating healthy.

#1 ~ The first 1.5 miles was hellacious (not sure that’s a word…and neither does spellcheck…but you get my meaning). Did a warm up and then figured I should start out doing a 5k and see where my time falls. *sigh* I’ve got my work cut out for me the next 3 weeks to get ready for the Kenwood Footrace on July 4th. Today my 5k time was 38:22…let’s hope I can improve a bit.

#2 ~ I registered myself and my nephew for the Kenwood Footrace and my very first 10k. I’m hoping for some encouragement and inspiration from my nephew to help me make it through the hilly course. Maybe it was the endorphins that were released this morning…but I also signed up for the Warrior Dash NorCal in October….plenty of time to build some upper body strength to climb over those dang walls.

#3 ~ I only snoozed ONCE! The text from my friend Dawn certainly helped too! My usual mornings are rushed with random household duties and errands…and inevitably me leaving without my lunch. Today I made it to the gym, got ready for work, switched laundry over, brought my lunch, made coffee at home, did an errand for the hubby, and actually dried my hair at home (instead of in the car from the A/C vents…yes! I really do that).

Tomorrow is a new day to look forward to!

Tomorrow I will do three things:

1. Go to the gym and work on my cardio.

2. Drink water. I’ll start off with getting in 24 oz.

3. Get a jump start on my day and my weekend!

What are your goals for tomorrow and this weekend??

Six days late

LOL…and not the way most of you are thinking!

My return to health and fitness was suppose to start on June 1st…no excuses. Obviously that didn’t happen…no excuses, I’ve just been procrastinating.

As a spreadsheet and calendar geek, I’ve been having a hard time “scheduling” in the grocery shopping, gym time, running, and healthy behaviors. I’m stuck in my rigid rut and I’ve built up the sides so that it’s extremely hard to climb out. Especially since I haven’t been working out and my arms have gone to flab now…just no upper body strength.

What does everyone else do to get out of your rut?!?

I was reminded today that I don’t have to have EVERYTHING planned out for months at a time. Not even a week (gasp), that I should worry about preparing for tomorrow…ONLY!

So here we go…TOMORROW~

  • I will go to the gym and start working on my cardio. (Allergies~I’m going KungFu netty pot, nasal spray, allergy tablet, and inhaler on you~BAM)
  • I will register for my first 10k and run it on July 4th.
  • When I wake up at 5am~I’ll stay awake and get a jump start on the day.

In my brain I am very motivated and somehow it’s having trouble translating to my physical being. I know sleep deprivation has been an issue (mosquitoes in the house, coughing from cold & allergies, midnight lamb feedings), but some of the problems have been resolved or are being dealt with proactively now.

What keeps you motivated? Help a girl out!

First quarter of 2012 can suck it!

Back in December I was REALLY optimistic about the upcoming year.  I had so many great things lined up to be excited about.  I even made it through most of January with the optimism and happy events.

I’m not sure what happened but February and March came around and were filled with heartache, sadness, disappointment, and sorrow.  Yup, two months of feeling like running away or crawling and hiding under the covers in bed.  It was life giving me the wake up call…to appreciate life daily and to have faith.

I won’t go into all situations that made the beginning of the year suck, but I will say that after putting real life on hold (pretty much against my will), April has given new light for the rest of 2012.  Maybe it was the spirit of Easter and time of starting fresh with a clean slate, but I’m reconstructing 2012 to be awesome!

I’m busy~all the time.  In 24 hours, I’ll leave myself 6 hours to get 8 hours of sleep, while the remaining 18 hours get filled with activities that I leave no time for even the slightest traffic…or time to eat healthy.

Moving forward in 2012, I’ve realized that I need to slow down and actually stop to smell the flowers that I rushed to plant.

This Blog has caused me some anxiety because I wanted to keep new material posted and show the progress on my 40×40 list.  I realized in February that I wasn’t making much progress on my list and what did I have to write about was negative or sad so I took a hiatus from posting publicly.

I’m in the process of totally revamping my 40×40 list and all the corresponding lists…books to read, items to bake, parks to visit.  Moving forward, the lists won’t be my life but things that happen while I’m living life.

Starting May 1st I’ll be posting once a week with updates on the revamp and sharing my progress and set backs!

Much love to those who have helped me endure the first quarter!  I’m VERY excited for the rest of 2012 to be fabulous.


Just wanted to give a quick post and wish everyone a great year.

Cheers to a wonderful 2012!

OH…the pressure!

I’m a spreadsheet/calendar/list geek…and I know it!  When stuff happens that isn’t accounted for in my schedule then I re-arrange everything to make the unexpected fit.  That’s a lot of work…and takes time from accomplishing my “to do” list.  This year I’ve been working on, to quote my husband, “not getting my panties in a twist” when my daily agenda is compromised.

My friend Dawn, always reminds me that most of the pressure I feel is from myself.  I set my deadlines/goals but I also need to realize that it’s okay to miss them.  Honestly~does anyone care that I haven’t visited a single park this month?  I’m going with…NOPE!

I haven’t read 2 books each month, made 2 recipes each week, or renewed my passport.  I’ve purchased four different online deals to classes but haven’t started any yet.  What’s going to happen if I don’t get this stuff done…absolutely nothing.  I’ll be disappointed and that’s the consequence.

I’ve been putting pressure on myself to do blog posts twice a week…which means having something to write about…which means making progress on my 40 x 40 list.  Meanwhile, life is sometimes complicated and gets in the way.

The simple things in life just don’t seem to remain simple for me.

Getting married to the best guy ever was a simple decision.  The pressure I put on myself and my husband to tie the knot early was all me.  My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I had to get married before he passed.  That bumped up the wedding by 7 months, giving me 3 months to get it all done.  I don’t regret a single second and if we didn’t get married until later…I don’t think anyone would have minded either…the pressure was all me.

Having kids…seems like a simple decision.  He wants them…I want them…let’s do it.  If my husband would have buckled to my pressure right after we got married, we’d have a couple of kids between 8-10 years old right now.  He wasn’t ready and I probably wasn’t either.  Now he is ready and wouldn’t you know it…not simple!  Now the pressure is coming from doctors saying that if I want to have kids…I’m on borrowed time.  IVF it is…but with my endometriosis and ovarian cyst issues, I’m REALLY on borrowed time….and it’s running out within months. (At least that’s what the doctors say)

This new outside pressure and the slow recovery I’ve had from dealing with the endometriosis and cysts (Nov 1 surgery), has really thrown my spreadsheet/calendar/list for a loop.  I feel like three weeks have passed with nothing accomplished.  People remind me that I needed to recover and take it easy…and most of the pressure I was feeling~I was putting on myself.  It’s true!

I will throw away my list of “things I didn’t get done in October and November” and focus on moving forward.  After looking at the list, I realized it was ALL stuff that I was pressuring myself to do and get done.  However, I do feel the need to apologize for all the things I intended to do and didn’t.

I’m sorry that:

I missed 2 soccer games

I didn’t make it to The Tastefully Simple or the Willow House party

I didn’t host a Gold party, a Willow House party, or a Tastefully Simple party.

I haven’t made it to bootcamp (or encouraged others) for two weeks

I didn’t help my husband move our travel trailer to the new location for duck hunting

I wasn’t there when my friends did a 5k on Nov. 5th.

I didn’t grocery shop or cook for two weeks  (Thank you to my husband, my mother in law, my mom, and my sister for not letting me starve)

I didn’t offer to make/sell pies and cakes for Thanksgiving this year

I haven’t made a blog post about the Warrior Dash with all the good pictures

OK…with that done I feel like the bottle of soda that was shaken and finally someone turned the cap to release the pressure.  PHEW!

With the holidays festivities starting next week, I decided that I’ll really focus on enjoying my friends and family and not put any additional pressure on myself.  I’m going to take it easy for the rest of this year and get back to a limited version of my spreadsheet/calendar/lists in January!  I’ve still got 25 months to finish my 40 x 40 list, so why am I rushing?!

Life is a challenge and you either embrace it or come out swinging.

What does passion even mean…and how do I get some?


PASSION:  is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. (According to Wikipedia)

This October made me realize that I do have something I’m passionate about…beyond the “honeymoon stage” of new, fun, different.  Even beyond the fun research shopping for the right equipment and/or clothing.

For over a year, I’ve had a weekly goal of being active for a minimum of 30 minutes, five days during the week.  Five days!…Not five activities.  If I play two indoor soccer games on Sunday, that’s ONE day.  For a majority of the last 18 months, the five days haven’t been a problem.

Early in October, while feeling very crappy, I missed five days in a row.  No exercise at all.  I jumped back into it the following week and got in all my days.  On the beginning of the third week, I turned my ankle while playing soccer and ended up resting/healing for 4 days before my NextGen Twilight Run on October 21, 2011.

Yup~ankle was part of my excuse for not finishing under 32 minutes.  And yes~I’m FINALLY over making up excuses and the disappointment I felt.   I ran the race…even if I had a longer time…I was there and I ran.  Why?  Why did I run when I knew I wasn’t 100%?

It’s because I’m truly passionate about exercising.  Fitness, Exercise, Nutrition, Healthy Living…whatever you want to call it.  I began with the idea that I had to be passionate about a single “type” of fitness…like running, or yoga, or soccer.  I don’t have to pick just one!  Trying to figure out which single area I was going to be passionate about was proving to be stressful.  After giving it much thought I realized I didn’t have to LOVE just a single activity.  I run 5k’s…because I don’t love running enough to do a 1/2 marathon, let alone an entire 26.2 marathon.  I love playing indoor soccer but I won’t limit my running and bootcamp attendance.  I really enjoy going to bootcamp at 5:30am (regardless of the weather) to get the strength training, agility and cardio workouts, and having the wonderful camaraderie of the other “booters”.

While laid up last week I was realizing that I was the most anxious about getting back to being active.  The doctor must have thought I was nuts when she’d ask how I was feeling and I’d say “pretty good, so I can play soccer on Sunday?”…or…”I know I shouldn’t run but is it ok if I walk a 5k in 2 days?”.  Yeah…she didn’t sign off on either one but I know what passion is now.

Every day I look forward to something…and it’s about being active and exercising.  The variety of combining bootcamp, running, indoor soccer, and throwing in some yoga gives me something to look forward to every day!


2011 CRAFT FAIRE~~My Mom’s awesome stuff…

Here’s a flyer to print out for a $1.00 off the entrance fee to the upcoming Craft Faire my mom is in.

Hope you’ll join us!  See you this weekend!

craft faire 2011

Here’s some pictures of a few of the items my Mom will have available.  Special Orders are accepted~i.e. different color and/or size.

Crocheted Afghan

Obstacles ahead…Eeek!

Just a quick preview of my Warrior Dash adventure today.

I was nervous in the beginning…

With good reason…these are my clothes after…

It was a great day!  Stay tuned for a more detailed account, I’m a little worn out tonight…

I survived Warrior Dash 2011…

It’s a Running Month

Ok…if you read my last post, then you know I was pretty discouraged by my lack of progress on my 40X40 list this month.  I am happy to report…I can check something off!!

ALMOST checked off #4~Warrior Dash is happening October 30th!  Got the waterproof camera squared away today so hopefully I’ll have some great pictures to post next week.

CHECKED OFF~#19 for this year

I participated in my first 5k run EVER in April 2010.  It was a new fundraiser put on by a new committee that my sister was helping get established, called NextGen…so the best way I could help support the event was to run in it.  I joined a gym and ran on the treadmill 2-3 times for about 3 weeks before the run.  I was the 46th person to cross the finish line with a time of 33:43.  My goal was to improve my time…and while the event got delayed until October 2011~it still happened and I was the 36th person to come in with a time of 32:56.  I improved and that was my goal~~Accomplished!

NOW~the reality of what I initially felt about how I did was completely different.  I was disappointed that I didn’t reach my “secret” goal of completing this extremely hilly but beautiful sunset run in under 32 minutes.  In 18 months; with a year of Bootcamp under my belt and getting first place in my age group for my last 2 runs (I’ll get to those in a second), I thought I’d do better then I did.  Goal for next year~Focus and Run the best I can~no excuses!  Next year I’ll continue to improve my time on the NextGen Twilight 5k!…I’ll make it under 32 minutes…just watch me!

OH…the other two races I mentioned:

Kenwood Footrace 2k was July 4th and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was first in my age group and I had improved my time by 3 minutes.

I did the The Carousel Fund Run on October 9th, for the first time.  This run has fallen on the same weekend as The Relay for Life event that I do in honor of my Mom and in memory of my Dad.  But this year the run was 3 weeks later then usual and I was able to participate.  Flat and Fast!  That’s what my friend told me about this race, and it was.  I finished this 5k in 26:54…my best time EVER!  It wasn’t until a week later that I found out I was first in my age group for this run too!  I was very excited.

AND for future races…like the Warrior Dash coming up in 4 days, I will focus and persevere!  I’ll be happy at the end of the race knowing that I did my best.

CHECKED OFF~#25 for October

I shopped locally…well, kind of.  I was in Colusa, helping my husband get our trailer set up for duck hunting season…oh, and it was our 11-year Anniversary, so we HAD to be together that Saturday. (hee hee~ok, I followed him around all day)  We stopped at Barb’s Produce Stand and bought some wonderful fresh fruit.

The woman who helped us (Maybe it was Barb?) was so pleasant and informative about all the varieties of fruit.  I will definitely return to this local Colusa gem anytime I’m in the area.

PROGRESS on #14~~Stay posted…this deserves it’s own post!

I started writing on this and found it was over 1/2 this entry…so to give justice to passion, I’m giving #14 a post all it’s own.


I’ve been so busy this month with so many things that I haven’t been able to get out to any parks or do any baking (very sad face with frown).  I’ve been slowly reading Emma by Jane Austen and end up falling asleep after a few pages.  I decided that I’d buy/load as many of the books as I could onto my Kindle.  After looking up many of the books and realizing that it’d be quite the investment to buy all 40 of them, I knew I had to figure out something else.  Borrowing maybe?…but then there’s the obligation to get through the book quickly to return it.  What if I lose it?  I’m then stuck buying a replacement.  Here’s a random thought~go to the library!  I have the great luck of living and working in different towns that both have large libraries.  Within Sonoma County there are more libraries then I knew about…how did I not know this?…yeah, logically every City has one.

I haven’t had a library card since…at least Junior High.  Tomorrow I’m going to get a new library card and then I can set up an online account and reserve books.  I can add every title to my “wish list” and check status of when they are available.  All of this…for FREE!  OK~if I return it late or lose it…that costs, but you can even renew/extend online.  This is fantastic for me.

Before the end of this month, I’ll have a new library card and an online “wish list” that is close to 40 books long!  I even plan to check out a couple books and bust through reading them in my free time next week.


I think of a random act of kindness as something I don’t usually do or want to do…but I do it–to make another person have an easier day.  But how significant does the act of kindness have to be to count?

Does letting someone pull out in front of you count?  After you’ve watched 5 other cars ignore them.

Does it have to involve money?  Paying the toll for the person behind you…giving money to a homeless person.

Does extra effort and/or time for your friends/families goals count?  Shouldn’t that effort just be included in being friends/family?

Ultimately, I know it’s my perception of what I think counts, but what do YOU think constitutes a Random Act of Kindness?

Be Your Adventure!!

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